I am a big believer in the one-page résumé, having had it ground into my head for as long as I can remember. And, if that's what you're here for, you can click either of the links below. However, résumés can also feel cold, rushed, or squeezed in, so please feel free to peruse the additional information here, or jump to a section with the menu to the right.



I was born in Santa Rosa, California, but was transplanted to Boise, Idaho, soon after my third birthday. It was there that I developed a love for computers and technology, as well as many different art forms, all of which began dominating my life. Although I longed to go into game development, I soon moved on to graphic arts, finding great success in 3D animation, while programming websites for friends, family, and personal projects on the side. In high school I won two state competitions in SkillUSA for 3D Animation/Visualization, and though I went to Nationals for this both times, didn't manage to place.

In college I learned that, while I was excellent at replicating real-world objects and interactions, I was not a good designer beyond basic structure, a flaw this hopefully this website did not clue you in on. However, I did move on to more complex programming and at last found my niche. Soon after graduating from the University of Idaho with a Bachelor of Science in Virtual Technology & Design, I was hired to a small graphics and web design firm, Sol Identity, in Portland, Oregon.

I moved on a whim and a prayer and found that I loved the city and also worked well in a small business environment, though I longed to really stretch myself with greater challenges. After moving on to Kosmos Central, LLC, my skills at being able to pick up larger languages such as PHP and Javascript found their root, and I am still there today due to the puzzles and problems that I am faced with every day.


University of Idaho

Bachelor of Science - Virtual Technology and Design

U of I is located in the tiny college town of Moscow, Idaho, and was truly an awesome school. Although I attended Boise State, their public school rival, for a semester in my Sophomore year, UI rang a specific note inside of me that I can't shake even today. The VTD program prepared me for my career in more ways than I can count: beyond the animation, design, and programming skills I developed, there was also an ongoing challenge to think outside of the box that I haven't encountered elsewhere.

Skills Gained

  • 3D Animation and Modelling
  • Critical Thinking
  • Programming: C++, HTML, Basic Javascript, CSS
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign

Work Experience

Kosmos Central, LLC (2010 - Current)

Front and Back End Web Developer

Kosmos has been where I have really found my place to live and work in Portland. Besides offering a small environment to work, as well as a close team with which to work, it has also offered me the most challenges and chances to grow I think I've experience in a career before. It is here that I've learned everything about Drupal, Wordpress, PHP, ecommerce, Magento, and X-Cart I know today. Starting as a basic front-end developer, I have stayed with the company as my position filled out, and now am one of the main backend developers, working on modules, major customizations, and the occasional entire site build.

Skills Gained

  • Small Team Cooperation and Management
  • Programming: PHP, Javascript, CSS3, SSH, Linux Shell, HTML5
  • Software: Drupal, Wordpress, X-Cart, Magento, Joomla, cPanel
  • Meeting Management

Sol Identity (2010)

Front-End Web Developer

As my first job in Portland, Sol ID was a major inspiration in how I wanted to continue my career. It affirmed for me that I did love making websites, and also taught me a great deal about accuracy in site building and designer cooperation. Although I did not stay there long, it has had a lasting impact on me.

Skills Gained

  • Design Communication
  • Programming: HTML, Javascript, CSS

Prior (2003 - 2010)

Before I stepped in to my real career I had several jobs, mostly through high school, with a few during my college years. Here's a very basic rundown, in reverse order.

University of Idaho - Researcher (2009 - 2010)

  • Animation, Rendering, Programming
  • 3DS Max, Maya, Virtools (C++)
  • Small Team Skills

Teleperformance AT&T - Customer Support (2007)

  • Over-the-Phone Customer Support
  • Troubleshooting and Customer Service

Nick-n-Willy's Take 'n' Bake Pizza - Cook/Cashier (2005 - 2007)

  • Speedy Customer Service
  • Pizza Preparation
  • Janitorial Duties

Arctic Circle Restaurants, Inc - Cashier (2003)

  • Customer Service
  • Drive-Through Experience
  • Janitorial Duties