GloryBee Foods

This enormous project was an taken on by my entire team, with the client's main wish to keep the unique flavors of each of their individual brands across the site while maintaining a navigable and understandable ecommerce system. As an extra layer on top, they wished to have a number of blogs, information systems, and other methods of customer communication.

The end result is a unique combination of Drupal and X-Cart, conducted by our in-house designer, with each brand represented by a different domain in Drupal. The particular brand that a user is navigating through is used as a filter for the ecommerce package underneath, providing a seamless and fantastic experience. There are numerous connections between the two pieces of software spread throughout the site, such as product links from a recipe blog, and most customers would not even think that there was so much as a threshold to pass through.

Bullet Points: 
Multi-domain Drupal and X-Cart integration
Many unique Drupal content types and views
Custom X-Cart search interface for grid or list displays
Strictly-followed design guidelines
Hopefully seamless experience