Who is Jeff Wayde? Hopefully that's what you're asking yourself. I am a website and webapp developer, specializing in front-end technologies but with enough experience under my belt to operate decently in most situations. I like nothing more than to take a beautiful design and use my coding and styling skills to replicate it as perfectly as possible.

What does Jeff Wayde do? I make websites, for the most part. My longest experience, at this point, is with the various versions of Drupal. For personal projects I tend to fiddle around in Node and whatever framework strikes my fancy at the time, but I dabble in C#, React, and everything else. You can peek at all of those under "Work and Projects", just below.

What's Jeff Wayde's greatest weakness? You're quite forward! Probably my biggest missing skillset is in design, which you should be able to tell by looking at this site. I'm totally okay with that, and I have a lot of design experience that has given me the tools to really understand just why I'm lacking in that area. I like to think this gives me a greater appreciation of design itself, and provides me with focus and knowledge when implementing a design.

But wait a second, who's Jeff Wax? My spouse and I both changed our names on getting married to a combination of our surnames. We literally mixed up a bag of Scrabble tiles and spent a night rearranging them until we found a combination that pleased us. If you ever get married, I highly suggest you try it.

My Résumé

If any of this intrigues you, or you'd just like to see my credentials in a more professional format, you can download my résumé in PDF format here:


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