This extremely popular ecommerce site was requested to be completely remade in a switch from Magento to X-Cart. After importing the products over and maintaining the search engine optimization, they wanted the site to mesh with the branding of their new wholesale site while maintaining a friendly and intuitive navigation system.

As the design already existed from their previous site, most of the new graphics for this site was provided by their own graphic designer as opposed to our in-house one. These new graphics were applied across the site, along with their new design guidelines including the new and flashy front page. We also worked to customize several menu modules, and have spent innumerable hours optimizing their site to keep its high ranking on search engines. The results of these are being reflected in sales as you read this.

Bullet Points: 
Converted to a hopefully more stable platform from a Magento site
Maintains brand across sister sites
Editable and maintainable front page graphics and stats
Exhaustively maintained search engine optimization