Phil Am Food

This long-time client needed to upgrade their software version, and decided a fresh look and compressed, fast design was necessary for their site to move forward. After hashing things out with their personal designer, notable features they touched on included a Web 2.0 approach to information display, as well as a completely optional product detail and a strong, automated menu system.

With limited time to implement their provided design, we managed to cover all of their requested features and ideas. Their front page has numerous features custom-created, including the unique bestsellers and "deal of the week" displays, their product sliders, and the fast order tracker. Product listings are also an interesting take that have since evolved, but still function as categories with huge, bulk listings of products inside them. The client has been extremely happy with the few, slick redesign, and so have I.

Bullet Points: 
Fresh, new design implemented with few problems
Unique menu, category, and product navigation
Intuitive and automatically-generated menu
Extremely quick bulk product purchases