Portland Children's Museum eShop

As another long-time client, Portland Children's Museum came to my team with a request to assist in redesigning, and re-integrating, their new Wordpress site with their current installation of X-Cart. Most importantly would be maintaining integrity between the two pieces of software, as well as revamping their tickets system and navigations.

What resulted was an ecommerce site almost completely controlled by their Wordpress installation, at least in terms of styles and layout. Similar to the GloryBee Drupal site, the Wordpress and X-Cart integration is hopefully seamless and completely impossible for even the most discerning customer to notice. Their ticket system has a new integrity and stability, and I believe they haven't been happier.

Bullet Points: 
Wordpress and X-Cart mashup with most control on Wordpress side
Maintained style and branding across entire site
Ticket system and custom class sign-up